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Close races at Twingo Cup decided at finish line

PR Sep 9

Fans, who travelled to Brno for Saturday’s programme, got a chance to see a really close finish of both Twingo Cup races. It was all about thousands of a second.

This Saturday saw two Twingo Cup races. The first one took place in the morning and it turned out to be an exciting tight battle for the win between Tomaž Trček and Nik Štefančič. Both drivers managed to pull away from other competition, and then it was all between them. In the end, it was Trček who took the victory, but it was up to timekeepers to decide. A proper photo finish, as Trček crossed the finish line by just 0.003 seconds ahead of Štefančič. The 3rd Tom Alexander Gruenfeld lost 11 seconds to the leading pair.

And the afternoon’s race was not much different. Once again, Nik Štefančič found himself in the middle of the battle for the win, just this time against Luka Glazer. While it was Glazer, who was in the lead in the last corner of the race, Štefančič used a better exit and a slipstream to get ahead of his rival to win by just 0.052 seconds! Tom Alexander Gruenfeld finished in the 3rd place again.

title photo: Lema Racing