Clio Cup Bohemia: Sandström is closer to the title again, triple victory for Carpek Service

Clio Cup Bohemia: Sandström is closer to the title again, triple victory for Carpek Service

The championship leader Filip Sandström achieved his sixth victory of the season and he is again closer to achieving the championship title. His teammates Erik Bertilsson and Juuso Panttila also took podium results. Bertilsson was second and Panttila third.

Filip Sandström took another step to become the 2021 Clio Cup Bohemia champion. The Swedish driver achieve already sixth victory of this year in Saturday´s Clio Cup Bohemia race at Slovakiaring. Sandström started from second place behind first Balint Hatvani to the race. But he took the lead already in the opening meters and stayed there untill the finish.

In the first few laps, Erik Bertilsson was very close to his countryman and teammate at the same time. But he had to settle for second place. Carpek Service team took also third place. Juuso Panttila achieved this result. The Finnish driver took this position in the opening laps. But later, Balint Hatvani overtook him. But the Hungarian didn´t finish in the end and retired two minutes to go. It helped Panttila with return on the third place.

Except for three mentioned Carpek Service drivers, fourth Levente Losonczy, fifth Sandi Jeram, sixth Predrag Šainovič, seventh Zoran Poglajen, eighth Lukáš Uxa, who returned to our series after long time at Slovakiaring, ninth Valter Nežič a tenth Richard Meixner scored points too. Meixner was classified on tenth place despite he didn´t see the checkered flag after problems in the end.

Lukáš Uxa scored points in his first race after return to our championship. Photo: Petr Frýba

Except for Meixner and Hatvani, Miha Primožič, Yasmeen Koloc and Silvano Bolzoni also didn´t finish. Koloc retired already in Lap 1 after he was sent off the track by Miha Primožič. Primožič retired few laps later.

Photo: Petr Frýba