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Chlad jr.: We’ve achieved a lot despite low budget

PR Oct 10

This season has been a very successful one for Richard Chlad jr. The Czech driver has managed to win the Sprint and Endurance championship titles in GT3 and also to take the overall ESET V4 Cup championship crown. So, what does the K+K Racing Team driver say about the 2019 season? What are his favourite memories and what are his next steps?

Richard, you‘ve had a really successful year. Is it safe to assume you rate it very highly?

Most definitely. We’ve worked hard all season long and now we can celebrate this championship crown thanks to our consistently good results, our endurance and determination. I’m especially happy that we’ve achieved all this despite quite a low budget and what we’ve been able to get for it. We have only two mechanics on the team, but they did an amazing job and always helped me or our Audi. A big thanks to them, I admire them and I wouldn’t be able to achieve all this without them!

What are your favourite memories of this season? Is it going to be the final round at Hungaroring, where you have won your titles?

It’s difficult for me to pick just one best moment, but this round is definitely one of the better ones. But I’ll also remember the opening round of the season at Hungaroring, where I had great wheel-to-wheel battles with Marcin Jedlinski in both, Sprint and Endurance, races. Also, I’ll remember Grobnik for a long time where I also have a positive memory. First, we had to retire in the Endurance race on Saturday, but then on Sunday, we managed to win in wet conditions.

Richard Chlad Jr. enjoyed battles with Marcin Jedlinski during first event of the season at Hungaroring.

And now, what moment from this season you want to forget as soon as possible? Is there any bad memory?

Now I have a very clear and simple answer. Most definitely the 2nd Sprint race at Red Bull Ring, where the wheel hinge on the left front wheel broke and I had a big impact into the wall. That accident had affected the rest of the season for us.

The final question – what are your plans for the next season?

There is nothing certain yet. In comparison to the previous year, I have now more options and possibilities thanks to our win in the FIA CEZ and ESET. And that could have a positive impact on me and our team. However, there is nothing sure yet and there is also always an option that we won‘t race at all. But it is not a surprise or a secret that we won’t race with Audi R8 LMS in ESET next year.