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Chlad and Sládečka close to winning the GT titles

PR Oct 10

Richard Chlad jr. and Samuel Sládečka are very close to winning titles in GT championship in Sprint races as they prepare for the final round of the season. While the former leads the overall classification and the GT3 Trophy, Sládečka from Slovakia leads the GTC category.

It is looking good for Richard Chlad jr. ahead of the final round of the ESET V4 Cup season at Hungaroring. The Czech driver currently holds the overall classification in the GT category and also the 1st place in the GT3 Trophy.

In the overall classification, Chlad jr. has 28 points lead ahead of Marcin Jedlinski in 2nd place. Libor Milota in 3rd is 29 points behind and Stanislaw Jedlinski in 4th position is 53 points behind so they also have at least a mathematical chance to fight for the championship.

But in reality, it looks much better for Chlad jr. as due to a clash between the ESET V4 Cup season and International GT Open race in Monza, Olimp Race is set to miss Hungaroring and that puts Jedlinski out of the contention. He then has only Milota to worry about.

In the GT3 Trophy, Chlad jr. enjoys an 18.5 points gap ahead of Bódis Kálmán, but Gregor Zsig (28.5 points behind), Daniel Skalický (37.5 points behind) and even Matěj Sešel (62.5 points behind) still have a chance, though Sešel will not race at Hungaroring.

Samuel Sládečka can be quite positive about his current GTC Trophy position. The Slovak driver has 50 points to his name, but it is not a done thing yet, as Bronislav Formánek in 2nd place is only 10 points behind.

There are 60 points available, so even 3rd Libor Dvořáček (31.5 points behind), 4th Bartosz Opiola (42.5 points behind) and some other drivers still have a mathematical chance to win the title.